The Dodds

Tyler and Bailey have been married for over 13 years and have two beautiful daughters, Aubrey and Norah. Tyler works as a worship leader at Stonegate Fellowship in Midland, TX and Bailey has the high honor of being a stay at home Mom and sweeping her kitchen floors at least four times a day. Tyler has been writing music for the local church for over a decade and in 2008 began writing with Bailey for a project called Songs for the Church. Their songs come from an authentic place of personal worship that then carries over to the lips of the church.


Songs for the Church

The “Songs for the Church” project started as a type of accountability for us to diligently put pen to paper throughout the year and then to record what was happening. We created it as a resource for our church so that they could listen to the songs we had been leading, outside of Sunday gatherings. Honestly, we weren’t even planning to upload it to iTunes. At the very last minute we were encouraged by close friends to change the project’s name to “Songs for THE Church.”  The rest is history. God used volume 1 to encourage us to not be afraid to share our music. One of our dreams is to continue sharing music in a volume once a year to encourage the whole body of Christ in their churches, in their kitchens, at the office, and in the carpool line on a Tuesday to chase hard after Jesus. 



You can download any of our albums from iTunes. You can also download charts and lyric sheets for your worship teams.

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